Apple’s Siri tries to get snarky with Google Glass


Apple’s Siri must be feeling a bit down with all the attention Google’s Glass devices are garnering. Some folks have discovered a bit of an edge to Siri when a user accidentally says “OK Glass” to the personal assistant. The responses from Siri are present in iOS 6 and supposedly even more are offered in the iOS 7 Beta. Some of Siri’s comebacks include a reference to Glass being “half empty” or being akin to strapping a phone on your forehead. The question now is how long will it take for some intrepid Google Glass wearer to produce a response.

source: The Verge

  • daisyboots

    Yep, they’re there. Just tried it on my wife’s iphone. 3 different tongue in cheek responses so far :)

  • Will

    That’s OK, a snarky Siri is easily placated by searching the Internet for pictures of a stallion.

  • clinton

    Google has taken a bite out of Apple thats why Apple is incomplete