Galaxy Note III won’t have Optical Image Stabilization after all


In surprising news, the Galaxy Note III won’t sport optical image stabilization (OIS) because of production issues. This is actually pretty bad news since most of the high end phones such as the HTC One and the upcoming LG G2 have OIS. What does OIS do exactly? Since most people have a hard time holding their phone still when taking a shot, OIS is able to remove that shake and yield a better photo. It’s most important indoors or in lower lighting conditions.

Samsung plans on adding OIS in the Galaxy S 5, which is their more popular line, but the Note line is a pretty important device. Does this deter you from picking up the Note III?

source: etnews

  • Shon

    Hell nah nigga I got a note 3 tattooed on my chest :-p

  • Jason

    Yeah, I’m out..use my phone for pics way too much to compromise on this

  • Bob

    I will never buy another samsung phone again if the continue to delay Android updates. This is the reason I left Apple (selective device updates) and will be the reason my next phone will be stock android only… Sent from a Note 2 user.

  • schlanz

    This definitely bums me out a bit and gives me less reason to upgrade from my Note 2. Maybe I’ll consider the G2.

  • droidgod

    Is this something that can be fixed with in programming to have a large mega pixel camera and no image stability is a really bad call I see a fix in the near future

  • matt

    Since I’ve got note 3 I noticed camera quality indeed is worse than my note 1, if I knew I wouldn’t have bought it I think, now I’m stuck with it for two years