Moto X gets the iFixIt teardown treatment


The Moto X has made its way to the general public, and just on time, iFixIt has torn it down so we can see it in all its glory. They say that it wasn’t difficult to take it apart besides a few clips and screws and some glue. A few interesting things they found inside the device was that the woven backplate of the device is actually woven, which you can see by holding it up to the light once dismantled. The camera flash for the Moto X is actually completely separate from the camera, and is glued to the back place.

In addition, the headphone assembly is removable in one piece, and the vibration motor is soldered onto the motherboard. iFixIt was very impressed with the phone, giving it a 7/10 for overall repairability. They said that Motorola’s design was so innovative in ways that they had previously only seen by Apple

Source: iFixIt