Myxer MP3 comes to Android Market

Myxer MP3 for Android

The Android Market has a new app for music lovers! It’s called Myxer MP3, and it will allow users to browse, buy and download music from their online music store directly to your Android Music player and library.

The app includes categories for Bestsellers, Recent Releases, Genres search and Top Free songs available as well to help build your mobile library.

All in all, it’s a pretty good mobile music store, its fast, has a library of over 2 million songs to chose from, and you can rely on the fact that its one of the highest traffic sites in the US on a mobile platform with 90 million downloads every month.

Check out the official press Release below.

Myxer On Pace to Exceed 40 Million Users This Month and 2 Billion Downloads by end of 2010;
U.S. Reach Grows To Rival Mobile Ad Networks

Miami, FL (October 7, 2010) Myxer (Myxer Inc.), a mobile technology company that operates the seventh largest U.S. mobile web site, today announces it will have served more than 40 million users by month end. Myxer, which reaches an estimated 15% of the entire U.S. mobile web universe, has strategic partnerships in place with key entertainment publishers and boasts one of the largest mobile content catalogs with more than 6 million items.

Myxer has seen remarkable growth since 2008 and is well positioned to become a widely known consumer brand as mobile is fast becoming the dominant internet access point. In 2008 Myxer had 15 million users and monthly downloads in the neighborhood of 32 million. Today the site accounts for 90 million downloads every month, joining the ranks of Facebook, Youtube, and MySpace in terms of top U.S. mobile web traffic.* The company has delivered over 1 billion mobile downloads in the past 12 months and is on pace to reach 2 billion total downloads by year end.

Myxer has relationships with major media publishers and the company’s wide mobile reach and cross platform expertise has made them an extremely valued mobile distribution and marketing partner. Myxer has recently released native Myxer MP3 apps for both the Android and Blackberry platforms. The free Myxer MP3 mobile apps allow for easy access to millions of free and paid MP3 songs and albums that can be previewed, downloaded and purchased directly from and to a mobile device.

“Our growth has far surpassed many established media sites, and has been highlighted by our expanding relationships with key publishers and repeated ad buys by world class brands,” says Myxer Founder and CEO Myk Willis.

Myxer has quietly established itself as a mobile technology leader and has amassed an advertising client roster of many Fortune 100 companies. Myxer’s base of world-class brands have not only continued to make repeat advertising buys but have included Myxer as part of their standing annual ad budgets.

Myxer’s open platform reaches all consumers regardless of carrier or mobile device. “Our Free First model has fueled a growing economy where Publisher, Consumer and Advertiser all benefit in the mobile ecosystem,” said Myxer CMO Mike Carson. With over 10 million monthly unique visitors on Myxer’s mobile web site the company now has mobile reach to rival some of the mobile ad networks, giving Myxer the power to consider selling its entire inventory directly.

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