Update to YouTube for Android includes complete UI overhaul, in-app multitasking


As we know, Google has recently been rolling out big UI updates for all of their Android apps, and today we see Youtube’s new app. Android Police has gotten their hands on version 5.0.21, and there’s a lot that’s new. Among those:

  • A beautiful card-based user interface
  • In- app multitasking. You can turn any video you’re watching into an overlaying window on the bottom right of the screen over any app you want.
  • Playlist search
  • Quick access to history, favorites, playlists, uploads, and watch later in a slide-out menu on the right of the screen.
  • A fully-functional landscape UI for tablets
  • A new app icon

There’s probably a lot more than that that’s new as well. Google is releasing the update with their annoying new gradual rollout process, but if you want to download it and check it out now, and I highly suggest you do,  you can find the APK download link at the bottom of the Android Police source link below.

Source: Android Police


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    god this app is amazing