Samsung tablet being tested with Intel’s Bay Trail CPU, possible Android/Windows 8 hybrid


Intel’s been trying to elbow into the mobile market, and their latest Bay Trail processors definitely look like a step in the right direction. If no one is using them, though, what’s the point? We’ve seen Intel buddy up with Samsung to ship some devices with their CPUs on board, as was the case with the 10 inch Galaxy Tab 3, and they may have gotten a foot in the door with an upcoming Samsung tablet that features the latest and greatest from Intel. A tablet with the model number of FTXI02W0000026 (which is apparently typical for Bay Trail CPU-powered devices) shown up in a shipping manifest, and while SamMobile seems to think it will be a Windows 8 tablet, there’s a chance that it will dual-boot with Android, too. We’ve already seen Samsung show some interest in that type of device, so, hey, anything can happen, right?

source: SamMobile