New ComScore numbers for June show Android holding steady, iOS feeding off Blackberry defections


ComScore released their newest U.S. smartphone market numbers for the quarter ended June 2013 showing Apple continuing to slowly grow their share while Android held firm in the number one position. Google’s Android saw a slight dip earlier this year when U.S. market share fell from 52.3% to only 52.0%, but held firm at that same 52.0% through the second quarter.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS platform inched up a little bit more, up to 39.9% of the U.S. smartphone market. According to ComScore, that was a 0.9% gain during the quarter. That growth appears to have been at the expense of Blackberry, which slid from 5.2% of the market to only 4.4% of the market. That decline may explain why Blackberry is now looking at going private despite the release of their new flagship devices during the quarter. Microsoft continues to hover around three percent, picking up a tenth of a point to 3.1% for the quarter ending June 2013. Meanwhile, Symbian declined to only 0.3% of the market.

As far as manufacturers go, Apple continues to reign supreme at 39.9% of the market, a gain of 0.9%. However, that growth was not able to match Samsung, capitalizing on sales of the new Samsung Galaxy S 4,  which picked up 2.0% to 23.7% of the market. Meanwhile, HTC, Motorola and LG all saw market share declines during the quarter with Motorola taking the biggest hit at 1.3%.


source: ComScore