Verizon Bloatware Seen on the Moto X


We all know that Verizon is infamous for putting their touch on every device that graces their network. It appears that the newly announced Moto X is no different. While Motorola made attempts at keeping it close to none it looks like Verizon had the upper hand. It may not be the ridiculous amount that comes with other devices from Big Red but they’re still there.

As you can see from the picture above, we see the usual assortment of Verizon branded apps such as Caller Name ID, Mobile Hotspot, NFL Mobile, QuickOffice, Verizon Tones, Voicemail, Setup, My Verizon, and VZ Navigator.

I wouldn’t necessarily call QuickOffice bloatware myself as it’s owned by Google, and it’s nice to see that the assortment of Amazon apps that are now bundled with Verizon phones aren’t there. While you may have hoped to escape bloatware entirely it appears that this won’t be the case. Let’s just hope that Verizon doesn’t slap a giant logo on it.

source: Droid-Life