Acer planning to dual-boot all of their dual-core netbooks with Android

We’re not exactly sure why, but Acer has announced their plans to begin dual-booting all of their dual-core netbooks with Windows 7 and Android. Acer’s argument is that the addition of Android doesn’t hurt anything, but I’m not exactly sure how adding Android as a secondary OS on a Windows 7 netbook helps anything either.

Perhaps Acer will make the switch to ChromeOS when it’s ready, which would make much more sense for a netbook. For the time being, however, expect to see Android along side Windows 7 on all of Acers dual-core netbooks.

[via Engadget]

  • Robert

    As much as I like Android I find this decision very odd. Android is nowhere near being ready for use on netbooks! And I have yet to see a good, 10-inch Android tablet. Maybe at least this will give Android a little push towards bigger screens.

  • zaiger

    That’s actually a pretty neat idea. I know the Android OS isn’t needed alongside a full featured OS like Win7 but it will be fun to have and to play with. I will definitely be buying one :)

  • Clive

    maybe someone at acer wants to bump up the number of android users stats

  • Mike

    I have the Acer netbook with Android and Windows 7. the OS is more than capable and comes complete with Firefox Minefield which has a fast browser and has had flash for over a year. Sadly since Flash 10 it’s now out of date and awaiting either Firefox/Acer to update. Make no mistake Android is more than ready for netbooks and I’ve had mine for over a year!