Samsung caught red-handed boosting Galaxy S 4 benchmark scores


I suppose if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying right? Well Samsung certainly thinks so as it looks like they’ve been caught purposely boosting their Galaxy S 4’s benchmark scores thanks to the findings by the guys over at Anandtech. According to them, Samsung is performing some simple tricks that essentially boosts the benchmark scores of their S 4. Basically Samsung has set their S 4 to run at higher frequencies when the phone is set to run certain benchmark apps, and it’s not just the CPU, but also the GPU seems to be clocked higher when it needs to be.

The guys at Anandtech also found some code dubbed by Samsung as “BenchmarkBooster” which essentially orders the device to raise up its clock speed when benchmarking begins.

To be honest I haven’t used a benchmark app since my old myTouch 4G days. There’s people that swear by it, and people that could care less as it all matters on how it performs in real world usage right? For a more detailed explanation, check out the source link!

Anyways, what do you guys think of Samsung’s trickery? Unfair or much-a-do about nothing?

source: Anandtech

  • Niglet


  • Tom Kelsall

    Personally I’m completely at a loss to explain it; surely if the device is good it will stand up to a little honest scrutiny? I can’t believe that an arbitrary number which tells you very little about a device’s in-use performance could be so important to Samsung to make them write code to change things specifically for it?

    Also, if the device can be made to go faster for Benchmarks, why can’t they make it possible to achieve that speed in day-to-day use? It just smacks of someone being a bit thick and not really thinking things through.

    • Nick

      They can’t make those speeds possible in normal day use because it could be damaging to the system to “overclock” the speeds. Battery life would be affected and the phone’s stability could in some cases be at risk.

      • Mackster248

        You’re exactly correct, Nick.

  • societyofosiris

    The benchmarks are a non issue as it has already been shown that some companies supplying the tests are themselves playing favorites. As for Samsung pulling this stunt, it is shameful behavior by the responsible department and Samsung should reprimand the department head.

    The Galaxy S4 is a magnificent device and no doubt the up-coming Galaxy Note 3 will be too. These devices should be allowed to stand on their own merits.

  • Justin A

    why is everyone upset about this? If the code is there, can’t someone just tweak it a little so that you have the option (in a ROM like CM) of enabling this “higher” clock speed full-time?