Yahoo! to bring Video Messaging to Android

We recently reported on Yahoo!’s release of individual apps for a few of their services. Now, it looks like Yahoo has another trick or two up their sleeves, one of which is video messaging. According to an interview with Reuters, VP of Yahoo! Mobile David Katz signaled that the video service would be coming to Android devices.

While Yahoo is already the proud owner of the Yahoo! Messenger app, it currently only has support for IM. With a new update to the app, we are likely looking at free video chats between Yahoo! users. Katz said the app would allow for not only device-to-device video conferencing, but for video messages between devices and desktop machines as well, and the feature could possibly come bundled with support to use Yahoo! video messenger over 3G.

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[via Reuters]

  • Mark

    Not enough front facing cameras on android phones, pity

  • Sisira

    Does the Video chat works with Glaxy Tab… It warks one way…but the back camera activates… not the front one.. I ideas to swap camers…????

  • hosein

    where are download icon