More Moto X leaks; Shows off full back side of the device


Can’t get enough of the infamous Moto X device that’s due to be released this summer? Here is a little more to quench your thirst for the device as a photo of the final product surfaced with its back side in all of its glory. As you can tell by the picture, the back gives off a matte type finish with a 3.5mm headphone jack right in the center of the top part of the phone. And of course, you have the Motorola insignia right in the middle top portion of the back.

What are your feelings towards this device with all the leaks that you’ve seen thus far?

source: weibo

  • haxornator

    Fool me twice shame on me so fuck you Motorola. Never buying anything with that brand again. I’m still stuck with another year on my atrix contact where the default GB is is full of security holes and the xda Roms are all incomplete due to kernel issues.

    Go eat a dick and diaf moto

    • Subzer0

      not for me.. awesome experience with motorola, XD

    • Stelios

      Well i still have my Moto Milestone .. still a solid phone !
      And with Google behind this phone it will be a completely different experience !!

  • Kevin Jung Hwang

    plz let there be no LAG!!!!

    i hate my galaxy nexus for it and I hear even the new S4 has a lag despite having a quad core processor.

    I want this phone to be GREAT