T-Mobile launches #hate2wait promotion



We already know T-Mobile hates the idea of having contracts for its subscribers, but its newest #hate2wait promotion is giving wireless users out there 730 reasons to share why they hate contracts too. In this awesome promotion, the #hate2wait campaign asks customers to showcase why they “hate to wait” 730 days (2 years) for upgrades. Customers will then have the chance to use the hashtag and share their story via Facebook or Twitter, where they are given the chance to win one of 730 free Galaxy S 4 smartphone units. Oh and that’s not all— T-Mo will also give one lucky participant a chance to win a full year of paid wireless services and have their story shared in various advertisements as well.

We know there’s at least a few of you out there who are interested, so head on down to the source link below and check it out.

source: T-Mobile Facebook

  • M42

    What are they giving away if you Hate To Wait for them to upgrade their coverage from EDGE to anything faster? Waited two years beyond the date they said they would have 4G and it’s still EDGE and left for greener (faster) pastures. This company lies so much I wouldn’t believe anything their dope smoking trash mouth CEO said.