Apple tops customer satisfaction survey results in “Samsung territory”


A bit of irony for your Saturday night— in a recent customer satisfaction survey carried out by a Korean-language news site, Apple stood atop the standings with a 52% satisfaction rating. The Korea-based Samsung fell a bit short of their main competitor, with a 50% satisfaction rating. LG was able to manage a 46% rating. The poll surveyed over 44,000 smartphone owners, so its definitely a large sample size. The companies were also graded on a point scale, in which Apple managed 711 points, Samsung garnered 695 points, and LG was able to pick up 682 points.

Source: Naver

  • AndroidShiz

    That’s prolly because most people will never get a chance to enjoy the simplicity that is Android. Meaning Google’s version. Instead they have to deal with software that has little glitches here and there that annoy and eat away at you, little unnecessary enhancements, carrier apps, hidden carrier software programs, choppy updates, mid-range phones that are often forgotten on launch, high-end phones that get maybe one at the most two updates and then also forgotten etc. How can the mass public ever be fully satisfied when they don’t even get to experience what android really is? Going from the galaxy Nexus to the Nexus4, and now soon HTC one Google addition, I’ve never been happier with the IS of a phone since the first time I got an iPhone 2nd generation. I have owned about 42 top of their line Androids, and only two have been consistently satisfactory.

    • Kary

      I think there may be a lot to that.

      That said, the difference between these results is insignificant.

    • Harrison Kaminsky

      And then there are the people that think everything that isn’t an iPhone or Blackberry is a “Droid.”

  • Mark

    The sheep that own iPhones are just like the American voters, uneducated and can’t think for themselves.

  • rob

    Mark my words… apple drones will wake up to reality and switch to Android within 5 years. If not…. then I have no hope for humanity.

  • Nick C.

    Has anyone not just stepped back and realized not everyone is a phone nerd? Some people just want a reliable smartphone do get them through a work day. Now I’m a phone nerd so I expect things from my device. My father on the other hand could care less. He’s not any less demanding on his phone, he just doesn’t really care. We both use email, him more so than me for enterprise, and take full advantage of our phones daily. I’d argue that he utilizes his more for work than I do. And he has an iPhone. It’s simple, it gets the job done for him, and it’s damn consistent. Is it really fair to call that person dumb? They’re using their phone as a tool. The best quality in a tool is consistency, reliability, and longevity. If you ask me, the iPhone accels at these, though it is rather dull.

    Long story short, it has its place, and to write off those as ignorant for rating it well is ignorant in and of itself. Sure they’re boring and commonplace, but you’re flat out lying if you can’t realize how solid they are as devices.

  • DATL

    Wow. Just because someone uses or likes iOS over android they are a sheep? Geeze. Grow up. I had iOS and got bored with it. I got the HTC one for myself and then work swapped out our EVO’s for GS4’s a month or so ago. I can tell you that the GS4 has hung up several times, and the HTC One while my favorite between the two has hung up once. Thats more than my iPhone ever did. Plus I know apple app store is “so controlling”, but I can tell you I miss knowing every app I download is SAFE and not some garbage spam app. (Hello fake BBM app @ play store. Really? Thanks for that one Google). The bottom line is there are serious, serious pros to iOS. I like my HTC One, love it. But the fact is that in my opinion iOS is MUCH more stable, reliable, polished, and THOUGHT OUT than ANY variant of android I have run. Am I running back to iOS? No. I’m keeping my HTC for now. Will I ever? Certainly a possibility. One day I may not want to mess with all the features of android. If that makes me a sheep then “baa, baa baby”.

    • Marsorry

      I share your sentiments!

  • Zion4887

    Seriously the back and forth to try to sway the publics opinion on what to run out and buy. If you don’t know by now that IOS (apple) is being left behind by now then it’s because you just don’t know technology. You really deserve a phone like an iPhone. Sheep’s are everywhere, just don’t be near a cliff… Lol