Samsung Mobile releases Andrew Park inspired YouTube video for Galaxy Note 8.0


To start off the second half of 2013, Samsung Mobile released a new video on their YouTube channel showcasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 device. Trying to hit the sweet spot for 8-inch tablet devices, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 8.0 earlier this year to fill in the gap between their Galaxy Note II “phablet” devices and the 10-inch class Galaxy Note 10.1.

The latest video is an interview with Andrew Park. You may recognize his work from videos on the Internet for the RSA Animate series which tries to create visual narratives of complex concepts and ideas. In the video Park talks about how using the S-Pen is similar to drawing on a whiteboard. He also praises the ability to use the Galaxy Note 8.0 as a place to gather information and ideas in a central place instead of all the different tools he used to carry.