Google to bring multitasking and background audio to YouTube app soon


Samsung has adopted it and there are already a few apps in the Play Store that do it (one example pictured above), so why not Google? If you have been dying to be able to watch YouTube videos in a secondary popup while you write emails, send a text, or play a game, you might get that wish. According to Google tipster, Ryan Matthews, Google is readying an update to the YouTube app that will allow you to do just that. According to Ryan, you will open a video the normal way, but if you want to do other things and still watch the video, it will be a quick swipe to bring it to a smaller window. This update could take place in about 6 weeks, but nothing concrete.

Another feature that may or may not be coming at the same time is the ability to listen to only the audio portion of YouTube videos. This is perfect for music and will allow you to do other things on your device.

source: AndroidPolice


  • Jens Veraa

    What about listening to youtube while screen locked ?

  • Benjamin Pavel

    Oh ?
    Wasn’t Google against multi windows apps ?
    Interesting nonetheless. =)

  • phor11

    All I know is:
    They need to reverse the “buffering quality change” feature they added to the web video player. It’s annoying as hell to change the quality and then the gear spins while half the video plays before it actually changes.