PSA: 4th of July is the day phones are most likely to be damaged or lost



If you’re preparing to live it up on the 4th of July, you may want to take extra care and caution to protect your smartphone. A recent report from insurance firm Asurion highlights that while the summer months correlate with folks losing or damaging their smartphones, July 4th is actually the most dangerous month for smartphone users. The reasoning is pretty simple. People love taking photos of all the fun moments, but happen to be near a place that can potentially be hazardous, such as near a grill or a pool. As a result, the insurance firms tends to see the most insurance claims filed following the fun-filled weekend with claims of broken screens, water-damaged devices or lost smartphones.

So yes, the holiday weekend can be a potentially treacherous one for your smartphone, but fortunately there are some options you can look at to protect your phone. For starters, Asurion recommends that users invest in a screen protector and waterproof case. And naturally of course, you can always invest in a more rugged device such as the Sony Xperia Z or Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active smartphones. If you choose not to do either option though, just be extremely sure to put your phone in a safe place that will be free from harm or just consider leaving it home all together.

source: Techno Buffalo