Google adds more Android device management features


Google realizes that people nowadays are bringing their Android based tablets or smartphones to work. If anything it’s much of a necessity these days in the world we live in. Today the folks over at Google have added some nifty Android device management features that should be available now:

  1. Selective wipe – Remove Google Apps account data without wiping a user’s entire device.
  2. SD card wipe – During a full device wipe, wipe SD cards in addition to the internal memory.
  3. Device Policy app – Ensure that security policies are enforced across all devices by requiring the latest version of the Device Policy app.
  4. Wi-Fi configuration – Enter wi-fi settings in the Admin console once — and they’ll be automatically pushed out to all managed Android devices.

Google also suggests users should give their Mobile Admin app a shot. I know 99.9% of us already bring our smartphones with us to work, but if it isn’t prohibited, do you use your Android based smartphone/tablet at work often? If so, I’d love to know how much it helps you in your every day affairs. Let me know in the comments!

source: Google

  • steve

    I use my htc one at work everyday. I use the camera for proof. I use the camera to see if infrared emmiters are working. I view and modify spreadsheets, ppt’s, docs, pdf’s, I scan workorders and email them as pdf’s. I use my phone to explore and modify thumbdrives throughout my work day. and many more.

    • ReDDster

      That’s awesome. Really cool to see the interesting things people do for a living!

  • Vivek Kumar

    Sir, I’m user of Android Smartphone since June 2012. I’m into Direct Selling and keeping data, appointments, contacts updated is of utmost importance. Android has helped me in this and saved my time, made the work easier. I’m in contact with my family, friends all time through social media. In free time play games. So keep updating Android.

    • ReDDster

      That’s awesome. I love how it keeps you connected, you seem like a traveler when it comes to work.