Expect more 8-inch Android tablets during second half of 2013

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Analysts with NPD DisplaySearch are predicting big gains in the number of tablet devices shipped in 2013 and the hot spot is expected to be 8-inch tablet devices. According to NPD DisplaySearch, their analysis of the display supply chain indicates 8-inch devices will make up 5-10% of the market. That will be significant considering most Android powered tablets now come in either 7-inch or 10-inch sizes.

NPD’s analyst attributes the move to 8-inch devices to the success of the 7.9-inch iPad Mini. However, it seems just as much credit could go to Android device makers who are routinely bringing smartphones to market in the 5- to 6-inch range. With Android smartphones so large, a jump to 8-inches as opposed to only 7-inches makes much more sense for consumers who want a tablet device as part of their portfolio of gadgets.

Overall, NPD DisplaySearch is projecting the tablet market to increase by 67% in 2013 compared to 2012. Meanwhile, notebook PC shipments are expected to continue their recent decline, losing 5% year over year. If NPD’s projections are accurate, shipments of tablet devices will exceed notebook PCs in 2013.

source: CNET

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  • YellowGiant

    Dear OEMs,

    I would like you to build an 8-inch Android tablet, preferably with a 1920×1200 display or better, utilizing Intel’s new Clover Trail Atom processor (z2560, for example).

    ie. Something to replace my Nexus 7, that’s a little bit bigger, and a LOT faster.
    If you could keep the price under $400, they would sell like hot-cakes!
    Cheers! T