Verizon sending out Samsung Galaxy S 3 update, hopefully addresses LTE connectivity issues

Samsung Galaxy S 3

Verizon began pushing out update VRBMF1 update to their variant of the Samsung Galaxy S 3 last night which will hopefully address connectivity issues that users were previously having with the device. Since there are currently no support documents that detail the changes in the update, we won’t know for sure until they release said documents or at least a statement about the update.

The update should be live for everyone with the device on Verizon, so go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update to get it. Let us know if that fixed your issues and if your LTE  connection stabilizes.

Source: Verizon

  • ShapesBlue

    The update was the same as the first one released. See there’s a pdf file there stating the update.

  • ShapesBlue

    I’m also now having issues now with 3g and wifi now being both on at the same time