Official trailer for Verizon’s DROID combat AR game released


Yesterday we saw the reactivation of the @DroidLanding Twitter account with posts indicating a new scavenger hunt utilizing an augmented reality app was on the way to Verizon. Postings have continued today with a couple tweets of photos of some of the mechanized “wARriors” that will be available in the game. The account also released a link to a YouTube video trailer for the DROID Combat/D:COM app. The video shows some game play and screens for selecting your Droid warrior.

More importantly, a couple quick scenes interspersed in the video show the new game being played on a Motorola smartphone. As people on the Internet try to figure out just what Verizon is up to, could this be a clue? In the past Verizon has used an AR app from MunkyFun to give away a new device, the DROID Bionic being the most recent example. Is it possible Verizon is preparing to bring a new Motorola device to their portfolio?

The end of the video indicates 90 days until world domination occurs. If the new app is in support of a new device, that would put the release date in the latter half of September. @DroidLanding indicates the new app will be released on June 20th. Hopefully we will get some more information then about why we should care that Verizon is releasing an augmented reality game. Until then, check out the video below.

YouTube Preview Image