Samsung to allegedly release kill switch to improve mobile security and prevent device theft as soon as July

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Smartphone theft is on the rise, and as these devices get more and more expensive it gets less and less easy to replace them. On top of that there is the risk of sensitive personal information going into the wrong hands (i.e. a thief). Samsung and other manufacturers recently met with New York Attorney General Erich Schneiderman to discuss the future of smartphone security and how to prevent device theft, reportedly working on a kill switch of sorts. Now, it looks like Samsung will be releasing this new feature as soon as July. 

The kill switch goes a step further than LoJack for mobile phones, not only allowing the owner to remotely wipe their device, but also essentially brick the phone, rendering it unusable to thieves. With Samsung having such a large foothold in the smartphone industry thanks to the Galaxy S 4, this is an opportunity for them to blaze new trails in smartphone security, prompting other manufacturers to follow suit.

On top of the user being able to remotely disable their phone, the new system would also allow carriers and possibly the government to carry out these tasks as well. This is all rumor, of course, as Samsung has yet to make an official announcement regarding the kill switch. Let us know in the comments if this is a welcome feature to the smartphone market, or if it may be a bit too invasive.

Via: Android Authority
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  • John smith

    Sounds just like something apple have had for years.

  • zloweb

    Mobile providers do there job :) If you unlock. Klik and no more phone :) hahaha what a bullshit this story is. Milions unlock and only thausands are stolen. You do the math.

  • cef1000

    More Gov intrusion, bah.

  • Yeah Right

    F*cking bullshit. SAMSUNG deserves to be driven OUT OF BUSINESS if they go forward with this insane plan. STOP CAVING IN TO the O’Dumbass Regime !!!!

  • Arwen_in_NJ

    Not necessary! There are already Android apps (such as Cerberus) that the *user* can install if the *user* wants this functionality. In addition, these apps can remotely turn on GPS and audio & video recording to actually help the police catch the thieves. Leave Big Brother out of it!

  • Spirit

    And you think this is a good thing… Next, they will shut off your heart.

  • Damarkus13

    Stop with the scare tactics. Your carrier and the government can already shut off your phone or do even more dastardly things with even alerting you that anything is amiss.

    As for Cerberus and the like, they do not allow you to remotely brick a phone. They can be restored without too much effort. And be careful with the audio & video recording. In most jurisdictions that’s a federal offense if done without a court order.