The future of smartphone battery life could be with new solar-charging screen technology


As smartphones get bigger, better and more powerful, batteries unfortunately have stayed pretty consistent. Major manufacturers keep promising that it will get better but have yet to deliver the goods. French startup SunPartner Group says that the secret to power management may not be in the battery, but in the screen. SunPartner has been hard at work designing a new 82 percent transparent display with standard thin-film solar cells spread throughout, in theory giving your phone an extra charge between charges.

How significant a boost is yet to be seen, but SunPartner claims it could add up to 20 percent more time to your normal charge, provided you’re phone catches enough sun.

Currently in the prototype stage, the designers state that by the time it goes to market it will be 90 percent transparent, and since the technology is already well-established, the screen will only add about $2.30 to the build price of each phone that utilizes the technology.

Source: Android Authority


  • GraveUypo

    my cellphone catches zero sun. at best it catches a little bit of it indirectly on my car but i usually take it out indoors only pretty much :O

  • Joe L

    So, based on your situation, we should not peruse this kind of worthwhile technology?
    The world does not revolve around you.

  • Nudo

    Great way to overheat your phone :)
    I hope they can find a healthy middle ground