Samsung finally comes to its senses and is expected to feature an aluminum body for the Galaxy S 5



If you truly know Samsung, then you’re probably well aware at its stubborn reluctance to shy away from cheap, outdated and stale designs premium materials and constructing a revolutionary build for its flagship devices. However, it may appear that Samsung will finally make some major changes by introducing some quality materials and even a new design direction for the build of its next Galaxy S (Galaxy S 5) smartphone. Reports from various insiders indicate Samsung is currently working on a new “Design 3.0” language (possibly teased in other upcoming flagships, mind you), which signifies a completely new direction for Sammy and brings a new-found “freshness” to the popular line of smartphones. Complimenting the new design is possibly the introduction of aluminum materials for the build of the upcoming phone. Taking a page from competitors like the iPhone, HTC One and Xperia Z smartphones, Samsung will take aim to make the smartphone body as attractive on the outside as its guts on the inside by incorporating an aluminum unibody form factor for the smartphone.

Of course there are some questions to Samsung’s new intention for its upcoming golden ticket of a device. Will the aluminum body add some unnecessary weight? Are we going to see the last of a removable battery? Can we expect some sort of scratch-resistant material? Hopefully we’ll get a better idea of what to expect as we approach 2014.

source: Android GS

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • Richard Yarrell

    The need for metal or aluminum is tech site driven. Actual customers who are faithful to the brand truly could care less about this ran down issue. Bottom line here millions upon millions are definitely more than satisfied with how things are today.

    • Derekwolfee

      Agreed. Although aluminum phones feel nice and sturdy, most people use cases.. And if not the aluminum is a scratch magnet. I don’t know a single person with an ipad or iPhone that doesn’t have a dent or deep scratch on the side/back or the device.

    • Kary

      Agreed, except I’d say a number of people actually prefer plastic.

    • James Gray

      i definitely prefer plastic, but i think samsung could use better plastic, possibly coated to make it less slippery.

  • GraveUypo

    i don’t like the idea of aluminium, theres a lot more downsides than advantages.
    just make better plastic ffs.

    btw the unibody part just ruins it all. don’t do that.

  • raycee63

    Just to add my opinion, I don’t care about an aluminium body and don’t see any need for it. It’s not about so called “looks” it’s about the usability and weight of the phone. Usability means I can add up to 64Gb of extra memory, and I can change out the battery in seconds or replace it entirely without the huge cost! Have never lost a phone yet from dropping or water damage!! The iPhone is well known as a supposedly “quality metal case phone, but it is also known as the NO. 1 for screen and phone damage!! In cooler climates the metal body is very cold to hold, and if it so much better why does almost everyone put their Metal body phone into a case??? The fact that Samsung is number one in smartphones worldwide (with plastic cases) means that most people don’t have a problem with that !!! The rugged service new S4 should do away with any “durability issues” that some users may have.

  • spaul40

    The aluminum will dent if (when) dropped. The plastic cushions the g-forces on the phone so less or NO damage. I prefer plastic and definitely want a removable battery. This is the only way to do a HARD reboot if and when needed.