Samsung Galaxy Note III prototype officially outed!



The world pretty much knows it’s only a matter of time before we see the Galaxy Note III, but we at least have an idea of how the new iteration of the device will look like, thanks to a recent leak obtained by the fine folks at SamMobile. While the device shares some slight similarities with other larger Sammy devices, it is more likely that this device is a prototype of Sammy’s new reference design strategy thanks to a couple of things that stand out. The first item to point are the unique corners— while not exactly appealing, they are slightly rounded and give a good hint of what we can expect to come. The next few items are the ones that are almost a dead giveaway of a Galaxy Note III unit: the bezel is not only thin, but it also helps to ensure the stunning 5.99-inch Full HD display is in full view.

Of course this could just be yet another mystery device that may have been inadvertently leaked, but fortunately we won’t need to wait very long as IFA 2013 is right around the corner.

source: SamMobile

  • Justin A

    seriously thinking about getting it… but it’s almost TOO big.

    • Clarence Fernandez

      Its for big hand…

  • Mary Asiatico

    I love the samsung galaxy note series for being big. Anyway it is the reason why i bought my pink note 1. I am skipping the GN2 for the GN3. I just hope it will have 3gb RAM and at least 32 gb internal storage.