Evernote updated, custom reminders added in wake of iOS, Mac, web updates


The Evernote team rolled out an update last week adding custom reminder support for iOS, Mac, and their web platform— their Android application was unfortunately left out of all the fun.

But today, Evernote 5.1 was finally released to Android and custom reminders are now available. The update makes it very simple for users to create reminders, and an intuitive alarm icon appears above each note. You can also choose the specific date and time that you receive the reminder and whether or not you want to receive it via email or Android notification as the deadline draws near.

There is also an option to subscribe to reminders, which is perfect for those with business or shared notebooks. Evernote becomes a tool for collaborating on projects and keeping track of deadlines. However, there is no option to set recurring reminders for things such as repeating appointments or paying bills. Hopefully support will be added soon.

Other features included in the update are corrected photo order in multi-shot camera, improved shortcuts, and improved copy/paste in note view. Have any of you gotten the new update yet? What do you think? Check out the link to the app in the Play Store after the break.

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