FBI and NSA have access to private user data with PRISM data collection


Remember when we told you that Verizon was handing out call logs of customers to the US Government? Well, surely you didn’t think Verizon was the only one who was handing over data, right? According to the latest report from the Washington Post, Verizon isn’t the only company that’s been leaking information to the FBI and NSA, thanks to a data collection initiative called PRISM, made by the US government.

PRISM supposedly allows access to servers from popular sites, namely Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Skype, YouTube, PalTalk, and AOL, with Dropbox access in the pipeline. That pretty much covers most of the top companies that have access to mountains of user data, so that’s a pretty scary thought. This is a great time to remind everyone that no matter how much security you think you have online, any information you put on the internet can always potentially be seen by a third party. If you don’t want that information to ever be seen by anyone else under any circumstances, don’t put it on the internet.

source: Washington Post

About the Author: Jared Peters

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    • factus

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