LG reportedly to have already produced a Nexus 5 prototype


Despite being told that LG is not working on a Nexus 5, we naturally didn’t believe them, and according to a Korean site, Daum.net, LG has already produced their first prototype of the upcoming Nexus 5. The device has apparently been kept under very strict security, but Google’s Larry Page has seen the device. Exciting stuff, right? Unfortunately, there’s no details about specs, or if it’s going to have that fantastic camera or a less-than-1080p screen, or LTE or a microSD card slot. (Tip: Don’t hold your breath for the SD card) Google tends to release new hardware with the new major iterations of Android, so whenever they decide to show off that elusive Key Lime Pie, a new handset is bound to come with it.

Also, according to Daum, LG has shipped 3 million Nexus devices. It’s not competitive with what the big dogs like Samsung and HTC have moved recently, but the Nexus 4 was never supposed to compete with those kinds of phones. Hopefully, if LG is secretly making the next Nexus, they’ll be able to avoid those early shipping disasters headaches this time around.

source: Daum

via: Unwired View

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  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.pavel Benjamin Pavel

    All i wan’t in next Nexus phone is to have that “insanely great camera”.

  • Kevin Jung Hwang

    All i wan’t in next Nexus phone is to have that “insanely great camera” and a big bootie hoe