Google debuts RACER, another Chrome cross-platform game


Earlier today, we showed you the new Google Chrome Experiment game “Roll It” which virtually lets you play SkeeBall on your phone through your PC. “RACER,” which we first saw at Google I/O and has now launched, might be even cooler. “RACER” lets up to five smartphone or tablet users virtually race cars on a track that is built depending on how many users are playing.

“RACER” is built on HTML 5, so any device with Chrome (iOS or Android) can play. To set up, all you need to head to the source link, sync up your devices, and you’re ready to race. Gameplay is incredibly easy, and quite fun – the only thing you need to control is pressing on the screen to accelerate.  The color on the top of the display indicates which car the device is controlling.

You can check out yourself through the video and source link after the break. Enjoy, and happy racing!

Source: Chrome RACER