Google to help fund and develop new wireless networks in emerging markets


Lately, we’ve seen Google make more of a push at getting new customers connected to the internet instead of pushing any one particular product on them. It’s a sensible business strategy for a company that sells ad space on the internet, as the more people that have access to reliable internet, the more potential customers Google can serve ads to.

On the heels of beefing up their Google Fiber rollout, Google is deeply committed to building up new wireless networks in developing markets that don’t have access to a wired internet connection otherwise. Sources close to Google say that the search giant is planning to team up with local telecoms and equipment providers to get the ball rolling, but they weren’t clear on if any deals were already in place. Building up these networks is said to be able to connect almost a billion new people to the internet.

It’s a smart business move for Google, but it’s also going to help a ton of new people gain access to new technology and information, which is always great to see.

source: Wall Street Journal

  • Nudo

    It will cost a lot now, but the payoff will be incomparable. No other company has the balls because they’re too greedy.