OUYA console gets unofficial CWM recovery


If it runs Android, it’s going to be tinkered with. The new, yet-to-be-released OUYA console is no exception. Some devs on XDA have officially unofficially ported CWM recovery to the little gaming box. This opens the doors for flashing custom ROMs and kernels on the box, although since the device is really aimed at controlling your TV, I wouldn’t expect to see too many ROMs for the OUYA. Performance-tuned kernels are definitely possible, though.

The device will need to be rooted first, but if you’re interested, hit the links below to check out how it’s done.

source: XDA


  • James Gray

    I honestly think there will be a TON of custom ROMs with various features baked in and what not. Being a developer-centric device, people will build roms for the sake of building roms. Regardless, I am infinitely stoked for this to replace my Apple TV.