Sony Xperia S finally receiving Jelly Bean update


It took long enough, but it seems like the Sony Xperia S is finally going to be able to enjoy Jelly Bean. Numerous deadlines have come and gone without a Jelly Bean release, but Sony France has now confirmed on Twitter that the 4.1.2 update is being slowly rolled-out to users. Sony says that “many more builds will arrive next week,” so don’t worry too much if you haven’t already received the update. When it’s time, 4.1.2 will be available via both the Sony PC companion and over-the-air.

Have any of you Xperia S users already received the update?

Source: Xperia Blog

  • Frank Benitez

    absolutely none! nada! niente!

  • Joe Merol

    It’s a myth, there is no Xperia S JB

  • Conor

    Not yet! I’m with O2 in the UK and they’ll take some time applying their branding to the firmware. I’m fine with Ice Cream Sandwich at the moment, though.

    • Hova

      Shut up ya fuckin’ clown!

  • Zaid Al Aqqad

    What about Xperia SL jellybean update !!

  • Bhavesh

    Any news on JB for xperia sl??

  • pradeep

    anyone recieved?

  • lee

    Here in the uk, pc companion cannot access the update server, the ota option is showing no update available. Also version on Sony support site is showing an odd version number

  • chintan

    Here india….
    pc companion can’t. Access the update server

  • govind

    what sony is doing, simply liying. no update at all.

  • Kaustubh Chitnis

    Wat the fuck theres no update still…. This is a big lie…..

  • Kashif

    I am in Pakistan, still waiting for the update :(

  • wt

    Nothing in Germany

  • alex

    Both companies starting with S are bad news for updated. No updated in the US yet. God blessed America

  • Uto

    Nothing in Malaysia neither

  • Sushil

    neither in india -_-

    • BBC

      ya man hope the release it soon in indiaa ……….. :(

  • Adinz

    No JB update in the MiddleEast so far!

  • Ahmed

    nothing in Egypt

  • Ig Rib

    Nothing in… mmm… Argentina (had to update to French firmware).

  • rumbi


  • Mimz

    Nothing yet for MENA region !

  • 2hats

    Nothing in UK.

  • Natalie

    Nothing in Sweden…

  • Anasios

    Nothing. In Khunfosharia

  • betty


  • Jackob

    Nothing in Poland

  • Mistah Green

    Nothing in Kuwait

  • Anele

    Nothing in South Africa

  • apisinthesky

    still nothing here in malaysia
    still hoping

  • Nikola Malešević

    Nothing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After all the lies and problems with the phone, probably my last from Sony.

  • pua

    nothing in philippines

    • shan

      agree. my cp is from singapore, still dont have :(

  • D. Kearns

    Nothing here in the UK. It is currently 6:14 pm. I’m really looking forward to the Jelly Bean update, mostly for the focus issues, everything else is a bonus. Another week or so of waiting I guess.

  • nikola

    Croatia 0000-nothing

  • Shan

    Mo update in Pakistan

  • misi

    NoThing in hungary

  • costas

    nothing in cyprus:/

  • persej

    nothing in serbia

  • Mo

    Still nothing in the UK. I don’t think it will be released for a few days. Hopefully before the end of the month.

  • Andy

    I got it!

  • Krusi

    no i don got it!

  • Jeff

    Not yet here in UAE

  • Dior Hirai Ruado

    Given that it is delayed, I feel Sony is still responsible of being professional in releasing announcements. Giving false hopes to loyal Sony users are putting themselves to unreliable and not credible state. I am starting to pity Sony.

  • 2hats

    OOOOOOOOOOh, update downloading as i type this, i am in the UK.

    • Rob Pearson

      which network?

  • Zaid Al Aqqad

    Nothing in Jordan :/

  • D licious360PRO

    Not in the Netherlands yet.

  • oren

    nothing in israel.

  • maverick

    Nothin in India

  • Natalie

    Just received update in Sweden! YES! :-)

  • prabhjot

    still no jelly bean update although Sony India showing the release of update on their site…………lack of professionalism…..

  • Anesh

    Nothing in sri lanka

  • gopi

    still no update in india

    • Deepak

      waiting waiting and waiting…

  • Rob Pearson

    still nothing on T-Mobile/EE in UK

  • Alen

    When will be available Jelly Bean for Xperia SL in Serbia?

  • Anand

    worst sony ,they are showing, xperia s updates releases on 29th May 2013 in there sony india website . but till not getting updates in india . today is 6th june 2013 .
    when we will get ?

    • jackrabbit

      true … i was a fan of sony and now completely lost the trust.

  • saggy123

    pls dnt update to new jelly bean its full of bugs . i m happy with my ics . atleast no bugs . like battery drain too fast . sony releasing new update sppn wait for that

  • unsatisfied person

    no update still in pakistan

  • stephanie swann

    getting really annoyed now sick of checking for the update and getting nothing and it is embarrassing as my husband has a phone couple of months newer than mine and he had the update in February has anyone in the uk got the update ?

  • kkkkkkkkk

    when the fuck is this coming out in UK what a piss take

  • swapnil desai

    Update is not available in care centers in India….wtf

  • kasper

    only get like a maximum of 16 fps from the camera in 1080p after the update :(

  • ajhay

    No available updates here in the philippines.when will updates available here?sony please release now

  • xristos

    Nothing still in carrier aint the fault..stop having that as an excuse!

  • Yanni

    locked handsets have received it already over-the-air, here in Australia. However Unlocked handsets have not received it yet!