Nokia brings up new patent suit against HTC in hopes to ban HTC One sales


Today Nokia has decided to file yet another patent suit against HTC claiming infringement with the HTC One its main target. According to Nokia, HTC hasn’t taken any action to prevent infringement and said the company “tried to shift responsibility to its suppliers.”

Nokia’s obvious main goal here is to somehow stop HTC’s sales of the One. This is still a developing story, as soon as we know more we’ll be sure to let you all know.

source: zdnet

  • FXOjafar

    Failed companies resort to legal actions to cover up for their bad business decisions in the past. Nokia made their bed with Microsoft and are suffering for it. It seems that anyone who makes a damn good phone or tablet is targeted by someone else in court. I’m just surprised it isn’t Apple this time ;)

    • vegiisan

      Apple recently started a new patent suit against Samsung, they’re still trolling. :-D

  • fraserb64

    Typical like all cowards picking on the weak.

    Why not take on Apple or Samsung?

    I would bet there’s a few infringements by one or both of them.

  • Sorun

    Nokia… I always thought you were a great company, but now… now that image is erased.

  • Dean Waller

    Unbelievably bad form on Nokia’s part…….hopefully they’ll be seen as the patent trolls that they are and the case dismissed.