Chrome Beta for Android updated, adds better translation and full screen options


Along with updates on the Google Chrome Beta channel for desktop systems that were made available yesterday, Google also announced the availability of an update to the Chrome Beta for Android app. The new update for Chrome 28 takes it up to version 28.0.1500.21. Headlining the improvements is better integration of the Google Translate service which will automatically detect whether a web page is in a different language from what your Android device is set to and will make the translate bar easily available similar to the desktop version of Chrome. Scrolling on a page will now cause the toolbar to disappear, providing a fullscreen browsing experience. Google also added in a new graph to show estimated bandwidth savings due to the experimental data compression feature and improved, mobile-friendly error pages. If you want to grab the Chrome Beta for Android app, just hit one of the download links below.

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  • Justin A

    Does it still crash like crazy? I’ll let somebody else tell me, because I’m sure it does. I’d really love it if it didn’t hang up and crash all the live long day.

    • Random fella

      What are you talking about? It never crashes on any of my devices.

      • Justin A

        It HATES my Nexus 10

  • Andrew

    Crashes all the time. Samsung Note8000, Android 4.1.2 ^(