Samsung to provide OLED screens for consumer version of Google Glass


Good news for Samsung today because Google has agreed to use their OLED screens for the consumer version of Google Glass. Samsung has been going toe to toe with LG lately, but LG has been leading the way.

“Samsung will supply its high-end OLED screens for Google Glass. This is a really big thing because its means that Google shares confidential data with Samsung on its futuristic projects,” said an executive at one of Samsung Display’s local parts suppliers.

This deal will no doubt strengthen Samsung’s OLED business. Samsung Display CEO Kim Ki-nam said, “OLED on silicon may be used for glasses-type, augmented-reality devices much like the Google Glass. The wearable market will be a major beneficiary of the free-form factor advantage of flexible OLEDs. Smartphone-linked wearable accessory products such as watches and health bands will use ultra-thin flexible OLEDs embedded with various sensors.”

Of course the next generation of OLEDs will be flexible and unbreakable, but LG seems to have a leg up in that department.

source: Korea Times

  • Stephen Johnson

    ALL READ THIS: I hate to tell you buddy, but I can GUARANTEE (yes I said guarantee) you that is a false article and also doesnt make any sense what so ever. First, stating that Google will be using Samsung for their Googs Glass contract has NOT and will NOT be confirmed by Samsung or Google ever – simply because it isnt true. Also, Google would not use Samsung for their Glass project because Samsung is making their own “wearable computing product” and Google Glass and Samsung will be competitors in the wearable computing industry. Makes no sense what so ever to contract your competitor to make the product you are competeing against them with. I repeat ~ SAMSUNG DOES NOT HAVE GLASS CONTRACT – and yes I state that as FACT – not an opinion.

    Last, let me say that I can not confirm that HIMX has the Glass contract. But it is fact that HIMX was used for the Glass prototypes and therefore will also most likely be used for the consumer release version as well.