After much speculation, HTC may in fact release a “Sense-less” stock Android version of their HTC One


Remember during Google IO when an HTC employee hinted at a “stock Google experience” HTC One in response to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Google Edition? Well, that seems to be inching closer and closer towards the truth as even more “tipsters” have confirmed such a device is indeed coming. Now before you write this out as just another rumor, keep in mind where this rumor comes from. Russel Holly from first outed the Google Edition of the S4 the night before it was announced, and now he claims the same sources that gave him that information are now providing the same in regards to a “Sense-less” HTC One.

No actual date has been given, but he did say that one of the sources said the device should be announced in the next two weeks or so with a summer release. Of course, this is still a non-factual rumor so take it for what it is. The Sense software helps make the HTC One as great as it is in my opinion, thus I’m not sure if having a stock Android HTC One device would make it any better. Either way, having it out there as a choice is certainly a great thing and something plenty of people will be excited for.

What do you guys think of a Google Edition HTC One?

source: Geek

  • Robert Sydbrink

    Pretty pathetic to call the Samsung Galaxy S4 a piece of plastic just because Samsung made a better phone.

    • Aaron Dugger

      Nothing about the S4 is better than the One. Not the screen, processor, RAM or build quality.

      • GraveUypo

        what? you’re free to like the one, but BOTH cpu variants on the s4 are better (the snapdragon one is clocked 200mhz higher on the s4) and the screen is up to debate (i’ll take amoled over lcd any day). there’s a bunch of other things that are better on the s4 too. the One is a awesome phone but it’s far from perfect.

      • Kary

        Things better about the S4 compared to the One:

        1. Removable battery. Not having one is so Apple.
        2. MicroSD.
        3. A case that does not easily scratch or dent.

        The first two are deal killers for me.