T-Mobile set to introduce the Galaxy S III LTE June 5th, Galaxy Exhibit smartphone on May 29th



In an effort to keep its devices up-to-date and current, it appears that T-Mobile has a few new bad boys the way for its customers. First off the bat, the gang at TmoNews got some information on the imminent Galaxy S III LTE variant that is on the way. According to the leak, T-Mo plans on updating its Galaxy S III supplies with the LTE variant and plans on unveiling the device to its customers on June 5th. Of course we new that this special version of the device was in the works for some time now, but hey— the release is better late than never, right? 


The news doesn’t stop there as T-Mobile is set to introduce yet another Sammy mid-ranger called the Galaxy Exhibit to its smartphone lineup. TmoNews shares that the device will feature a dual-core 1GHz chip, Android 4.1 and “4G” speeds running the show. The device (also known as the SGH-T599) will be unleashed on May 29th to the general public, though there’s no word yet on how much it’ll cost.

source: TmoNews