HTC One $100 trade up program ends this Sunday, no extensions planned


If you’re thinking that HTC will extend their $100 trade-in promotion for the HTC One, then think again. Earlier in the month they extended it to purchases made by May 19th, which is this Sunday. HTC is reminding everyone that this is your final chance to get in on it, which means they don’t plan on extending it. Of course we never say never in this business, but if you’re thinking of grabbing the One with this deal, you might want to pick it up this weekend. Because there is always the possibility that you might want to return your shiny new phone, HTC is giving you until June 19 to get your paperwork in. Hit the source link and use code US001UVORE.

source:  HTC Trade Up

  • tempprofile

    Constantly out of stock. They better extend it -or there isn’t much incentive for choosing the galaxy s4 over the One.