Rhapsody For Android App Coming Soon

Rhapsody For AndroidReal Networks have today revealed that an Android app for their Rhapsody Music service is currently in development and will be available soon.

Rhapsody is a subscription based music service ($13 per month) that offers users unlimited music streaming from their library of more than 8 million songs.

Real have today submitted a Rhapsody Music iPhone app for approval in the Apple App store, and have also announced that they are currently working “diligently” on an Android app.

“Once we’re done there, we plan to turn our sights on more mobile platform and carrier app stores”.

Popular UK-based music streaming service, Spotify, also have an Android app in development.

[via realnetworksblog.com]

  • JimmyCorporate

    I can’t believe they created an app for iphone before android. What an insult to rhapsody users who shun itunes and iphone/pod products. If itunes created a subscription option I think I would just drop rhapsody. This is one company who doesn’t get it at all.

  • Jason

    I love Rhapsody and Android’s potential, but can’t fault Real Networks at this stage for doing an iPHONE app first since it holds 50%+ smart phone marketplace vs. Android’s 5% share. Rhapsody is fantastic and getting adoption on the Apple platform is vital for it gaining momentum. I gladly pay the $14.99 for the flexibility of To Go subsciption and Apple users will find it equally as great as longtime PC fans have for the past few years.

  • joe

    Any more news on this yet? I would love this app!!

  • kam

    Quit playing with the droid you just bought and get some sleep!

  • Greg

    Love the droid. Need my rhapsody. Come on.

  • Mark

    CMON this is ridiculous….the Iphone app has already been out for a while. Jason above spoke about the market share…to me a long term Rhapsody custoemr way back when it was jukebox ..Im not very sympathetice. The android OS is more accepting of these types of apps…why create the app for iphone first, to entice people to their competitors. Doesnt make sense. But either way, they could also be developing the Android App at the same time, and then atleast release to market at the same time.

    I am a Rhapsody long time paying customer. WHY am I not subject to the same benefits as other custoemrs on Iphone?? Just want them to get the app out.