Samsung TecTiles 2 Now available to purchase


Do you remember last month when we told you of the sad news that Samsung’s old TecTiles didn’t work with the new Galaxy S 4. Well cheer up my friends because Samsung TecTiles 2 are now available for you to purchase. For those of you that don’t know what a Samsung TecTile is, let me give you a quick refresher. They are smart NFC tags that can be programmed by the Samsung TecTile app to do many things. You can set TecTiles to change settings in the phone, call a specific number, or send a predefined text. As an example, you can place a tag at the office, and when you scan the it, it can set your smartphone to silent or it could bring up your work calendar. You choose what you want the tag to do when it is scanned, making the little tasks that much easier.

For those that have a Galaxy S 4 and want more info, check out the source.

Source: Samsung

  • Justin A

    do you have to “scan it” or does the phone automatically recognize it? In other words, if I set my phone down on a “tec tile” that is supposed to turn my phone to silent and open a photo viewing app, will it do it automatically or do I have to open an app, scan the tile, and then wait?

    • Tarik

      You need to open the TecTiles app to program the tile to tell it what you want it to do. Then all you need to do is tap your phone on the tile and it will do the function you programmed it to do e.g. turn wifi on and set screen brightness to full. Note that it won’t work if the screen is off or on the lock screen for security and power consumption reasons.

  • Fam Nilsson

    Is there a community or Forum for Tectiles users?
    I’m trying to make a Tectile for my luncbreak.
    My Luncbreak starts at different times and is 30 mins.
    I can make a timer (30 min) but the countdown doesn’t start.