Samsung Galaxy S III comes to StraightTalk using Sprint’s LTE network


Pre-paid carriers are getting more and more high-end phones every day, and StraightTalk is no different now that they offer the Samsung Galaxy S III. A user on HowardForums posted a photo of the Galaxy S III’s StraightTalk retail packaging, and as of now you can purchase it directly from StraighTalk’s website. The phone is unbranded and comes at the very reasonable price of $439.99. Aside from StraightTalk’s website, the S III should be available at Wal-Mart soon.

Now for the bad news, the device runs on Sprint’s CDMA-LTE network. If you live in an urban area this should pose no problems, but Sprint’s service is notoriously spotty outside of cities and its LTE coverage is still sparse in comparison to Verizon and AT&T. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but considering the carrier (StraightTalk) uses multiple networks depending on what phone you have, its unfortunate that StraighTalk customer’s first LTE experience will have to be on Sprint’s network.


Source: HowardForums