Facebook Home support appears for Samsung Galaxy S 4, HTC One, Sony Xperia ZL


If you recently got your hands on one of the latest and greatest smartphones to hit the market, like the Samsung Galaxy S 4 or the HTC One, you were probably wondering how great it would be to slap the Facebook Home launcher on it. Not really, but it does seem Facebook is hoping owners of those devices might give their Home launcher a try despite the generally poor reception it has received since hitting the market. Although the Facebook Home app still shows its last update as being April 22, 2013, some users have discovered a new screen popping up on their devices asking if they would like to “Use Home Anyway” when they hit the unsupported device screen when launching the app. This appears to be true on both the Galaxy S 4 and the Sony Xperia ZL. Meanwhile, owners of the HTC One don’t even get the unsupported device screen, instead going straight into the launcher.

The changes appear to have surfaced after Facebook held a press conference to announce an update to the main Facebook app and to claim they have 1 million Facebook Home installations. They did not reveal how many of those installations were used for about five minutes before being shut down. The Facebook app supposedly adds a new persistent notification. The changelog in the Google Play Store lists the ability to send stickers, deletion of unwanted comments on your posts, and the ability to get directions, check in or call businesses when on a Facebook Page.

You can use the download links below to access both the Facebook Home launcher or the Facebook app if you want to grab the update.

QR Code generator

Google Play Download Link (Facebook Home)

QR Code generator

Google Play Download Link (Facebook)

source: Android Central

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    I have the HTC one and I cant go to the menu to get a code generater.