AT&T launches a new bring-your-own-phone pre-paid service called AIO Wireless


AT&T just joined the likes of T-Mobile and Straight Talk by launching AIO Wireless, a new bring-your-own-pre-paid phone service. Customers can purchase any compatible GSM phone and AIO Wireless will provide a SIM card upon purchase of one of their three plans. AIO offers two options for smartphone users priced at $40 and $70 and a tablet plan for $15. All plans include unlimited data, throttled slightly around 4 megabits. The $40 plan data is throttled even more after 250 MB, while the $70 plan allows a comfortable 7 GB before slowing down the connection. For just $10 more customers can purchase an extra 1 GB of high speed data.

AIO also provides a few phones for purchase directly from their website including the Samsung Galaxy Express for $250, the Samsung Galaxy Amp for $100 and the ZTE Prelude for $50. While nothing special, these are excellent prices for decent smartphones.

Don’t rush to sign up just yet as AIO is currently still running trials in Houston, Tampa and Atlanta, though you can expect to see it expand to other markets in the coming months. For now, hit the source to check out AIO’s website and check back for more news on the service as we get it.

Source: AIO Wireless

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  • Terry M

    Worthless, its only in a very limited area!!

    I’d replace straight talk with a reasonable att prepaid service.

    • ★World of Whimsical★

      That same sentiment is what brought me to this article. I”m sure if it’s successful, they will expand it soon.