Google Labs Release Listen For Android App

Google Labs have released a new Android application called Listen. The Listen app allows Android users to quickly and easily find podcasts and other web audio that is relevant to their specific searches.


The Listen for Android app also enables users to stream audio files over the air (OTA), or subscribe to new content from their favorite sources on the Web.

Install the application and search for anything you would like to listen to. For inspiration, try hitting “Popular searches” from the home screen. This will show some of the fastest-rising audio searches that people are making now. Tapping one of the results reveals content that you can play, queue for later, or subscribe to.

Available to Android users in the US, Listen for Android can be downloaded from the Android Market or directly from the Google Labs website.


  • leif

    When is it coming to Europe?

  • tylerstyle

    But not in the EU till now… *grumble*

  • Jean-Loup

    I’m in the UK and just downloaded Listen from the market with my HTC Hero and it works like a charm, not sure why it says that it’s only available in the US… :)

  • Sa

    There is definately no “Google Listen” or “Listen” app shown on the Android Market in Netherlands… Also scanning the QR code results in no match.

    Maybe due to the current “English-only audio sources” restriction… might explain why it’s also reported as available in the UK. But only a guess…