BlueStacks hits 10 million downloads in one year


BlueStacks, the software that lets you run Android apps on a desktop computer, is celebrating just over a year of availability in beta status with news of hitting the 10 million download mark. Rosen Sharma, CEO of BlueStacks, indicated in a recent interview that the team had made predictions on where they would be in one year and “no one said 10 million.” No one was even close as the most optimistic was just in the few hundred thousand range.

BlueStacks’ senior VP for marketing notes that downloads do not necessarily equal users running the software on a regular basis. However, the number is described as being “spooky high,” which is a good sign that there is interest out there on the part of users trying to access Android apps on non-Android hardware.

One issue the BlueStacks team is working on is trying to update the version of Android the app player uses with a Jelly Bean compatible version in the works. This effort is no doubt helped by the partnerships BlueStacks continues to work on, like the recently announced effort with Lenovo to install BlueStacks on Windows 8 PCs.

source: AllThingsD

  • Kary

    Last time I checked, the install program still doesn’t work with PCs running Bitdefender. It terminates specifically mentioning that AV program is not compatible. I which they would deal with this.

    BTW, Bitdefender has issues with a number of Metro apps too.