Hands on with the AT&T Optimus G Pro smartphone



Earlier today, AT&T and LG announced the Optimus G Pro smartphone, the next great flagship device to battle for true supremacy. So it’s only fitting that LG showcases its newest toy at its Share The Genius event here in New York City, where it is giving an opportunity for a handful of folks to test drive the newest device before it arrives in stores next week. With an incredibly thin profile, stunning 5.5-inch HD display, Snapdragon quad-core processor clocked at a whopping 1.7GHz and a customized version of Android 4.1.2— the Optimus G Pro certainly looks the part of a topnotch device. But alas, as we all know— it’s not about how the device looks— it’s all about how the device operates and feels during real-time usage. So hit the break to check out or hands-on and get a feel of the Optimus G Pro in action.


Optimus G Pro Homescreen

This is LG’s second attempt at a phablet-type device. The first one which was Verizon’s Intuition, had a fairly bulky profile, uninspired corners and was not comfortable to hold in the hand. LG realizes that the 5-inch+ device market is certainly growing at a rapid pace, so it had its designers and engineers go back to the drawing board in order to conjure up a more aesthetically appealing design for a new and improved device. Despite the Optimus G Pro being an evolved version of the original Optimus G smartphone, there are some noteworthy improvements to mention. The Optimus G Pro features a plastic-type of material that is not only smooth, but has a nice shiny finish throughout the device, while the front of the device allows the gorgeous IPS HD display to steal the show as it takes over much of the bezel real estate and all. The front of the device features the standard back and multitasking buttons, while there is a also large home button crammed in between the soft buttons, taking a cue from Samsung’s Galaxy line of devices. Around the device, there are the usual assortment of ports and outputs like the headphone-out and microSD-out.



Software-wise, LG is certainly taking some steps to show that it is out to ensure a better and more personalized smartphone experience by implementing an improved UI. Slightly disappointing is the inclusion of Android 4.1.2, but LG does does in the latest version of its UI software, which operates in a buttery-smooth manner. While the device includes standard Jelly Bean goodies like Google Now— the real kicker is the inclusion of custom LG software like QSlide, which allows you to watch a video while operating another app and VuTalk, which allows for a collaboration of notetaking between multiple Optimus G Pro users. All-in-all, this looks to be the start of a major turnaround from a seemingly underwhelming brand and who knows, maybe the Optimus G Pro will give the upcoming Galaxy Note III a run for its money.



The device is available for pre-order from this Friday, May 3rd and will be available for $199.99. Additionally, it will be available in all stores on May 10th.


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