Samsung to ship as many as 10 million Galaxy S 4 units during the initial launch, 30 million units within the first 3 months



It appears that Samsung is certainly on the way to ensuring the Galaxy S 4 smartphone makes an epic splash upon its arrival in a matter of time from now. As you already know, Samsung will unleash two different versions of the Galaxy S 4: one in a Snapdragon variant and another in a Exynos variant— all in the hopes of reaching as many worldwide markets as possible. Because of this notion, DigiTimes reports that Samsung wants to ship 10 million Galaxy S 4 units in the last week of April, while also expecting to sell 30 million Galaxy S 4 units in the first 3 months.

Ladies and gents, if you think the Galaxy S III sales were a success, get ready for a bigger bang with the Galaxy S 4.

source: DigiTimes