New leak suggests Samsung could have big changes on the horizon for upcoming mobile phones



We already know that Samsung has finally come to the realization that well, plastic isn’t all that attractive on its flagship devices, but it appears that Samsung is intent on making some major changes even faster than we previously thought. Serial leaker evleaks got its hands the first shots of a mystery device which sports an all-metal unibody design, complete with unusually boxy corners. Oh and it doesn’t stop there either—- there is a distinct slot for an all-too-familiar accessory with Samsung Galaxy Note-based products. So it’s possible that we are looking at a test version of a new Galaxy Note (Galaxy Note III?) on the way? Or it could be some Sammy engineers just fiddling around over in the labs for fun. Whatever it is Samsung— we’re on to you and watching very closely…

source: evleaks

  • Richard Yarrell

    Can’t wait for the Galaxy Note 3.

  • halfshare

    I don’t think I’d get NDA later. This is Samsung Galaxy Prototype. I’ve seen it before and realized Samsung have it in a Boxy shape. that’s why it keep remaining secret

  • Nudo

    OK seriously. Why are these kinds of pics always blurry? Literally shit photography. Every time! Were they on a bus or something?