Samsung: Android Phones Under $100 By 2010

samsung android phoneDuring the official launch of Samsung’s new handset the Samsung Reclaim, senior product development manger at Samsung, Casey Ryan, told the New York Times that:

“by next year, touch-screen phones, with full Web browsers running the Android operating system will be available for well under $100”.

It is not clear whether Ryan is referring to free, contract, or even subsidized handsets, although it does seem that an Android phone under $100 on contract would be the most likely option.

Ryan gave no other indication as to what new handsets would fall under the price point, nor whether his comments were just limited to Samsung or the wider market.

Currently the T-Mobile G1 is the cheapest Android phone available in the US priced at $149.99 as part of a 2-year contract with T-Mobile US.


  • tylerstyle

    The Samsung i7500 is 30 Euro with a 2 year Contract from O2 here in Germany.

    The G1 costs 1 Euro on a two year Contract from T-Mobile.

  • tylerstyle

    So. I would rather think of this comment as for the Handset, without a contract, when nowadays those handsets run for 1 Euro on contracts already.

  • Daniel

    Actually, the HTC Magic (G2) is even cheaper in Canada than in the US. It’s only $99CDN at Rogers with a 3yr term. Rumor is that Costco has it for $80 and you also get a $100 rebate!

  • http://androidfourm scott

    Hello I love the google g1 android cell who has it new for 100 dollars with 2 year is us geting the i7500 samsung phone because it has 8 gb of intalnal memory who has that phone for under 100 dollars please help me