Leaked roadmap indicates Microsoft Office won’t hit Android devices until Fall 2014



Microsoft sure is doing its best to stay quiet regarding its launch plans for its Office for Android, but it finally appears that we have an idea of when to expect the productivity suite and tools to hit our Android devices. The gang at ZDNET obtained a leaked roadmap for the mobile port of Microsoft’s Office product, also affectionately known as “Gemini”. The major thing to note right off the bat is that “Gemini” is not only being stalled for a launch later this year, but it’s looking like it will be ready around the fall of next year. As Microsoft’s Win32, Surface RT and Mac versions takes precedent, it will likely have the Android’s app version being developed on the back-end and won’t be ready for the masses until October 2014.

The long wait is definitely a bummer for sure. Here’s hoping that Android port will be worth the wait.

source: ZDNET

  • Lucky Lenka